Butterfly valves - L. Bernard Triphase multiturn with gear box

L. Bernard Triphase multiturn with gear box
Description :
  • Electric actuators On/Off duty, mono 230 V AC and triphase 400 V AC
    Frequency 50 Hz
    S4 30% service (intermittent duty at start-up)
    4 limit switches, position indicator, limit torque (except for OA type) and heating resistance
    Standard IP 67 version
    Ambiant temperature : -20° to +70°C
    Squirrel-cage motor (only for alternative current), class F insulation, incorporated heat shield
    Emergency handwheel (disengageable from type AS100)
    Voltage 24V DC (other voltages on request)
    Local control open/close, stop + local/remote selector
    ATEX Version 94/9/CE (please specify ATmosphere classification)
    IP68 version
    Regulation class III actuator (S4 50%) : regulation class III actuator, 4-20mA positioner, transmitter 4-20mA signal
    The fail safe electric actuator (up to 300DN) triphased 400V 50Hz (spring return).