The standard-bearer for pressure reducers

For more than 80 years, Desbordes has been one of the leading European manufacturers of pressure reducers.  The quality and longevity of our reducers is renowned throughout our profession.  100% of our products are tested and calibrated in our factory.  Desbordes reducers are especially favoured among plumbers, as they provide perfect pressure control and ensure:

Installation safety

Protection of household fittings and appliances, and good working order for pipe and tap fittings

User comfort

Reduced water use during drawing

An unparalleled product range

The Desbordes range provides products for all kinds of residential, tertiary or industrial requirements:

  Type 11
Type 10
Type 9 (Reduneuf)
Type 7 
Applications Houses, apartments Tertiary, industry Housing estates, apartment blocks Economical accommodation
Range DN 15 to 50 mm DN 10 to 100 mm DN 15 to 25 mm DN 15 to 50 mm
Adjustable pressure 1 to 5.5 bars 1 to 6 bars 3 bars 1 to 5.5 bars
Connections M/M, F/F, F/M M/M, F/F, brides M/M, F/F F/F, F/M, M/F,
Certifications * NF, WRAS, ACS, VA WRAS, ACS, VA NF, ACS ACS
* Available for certain references

The Desbordes range can also be enhanced by certain products dedicated to very specific applications:

Type 11 bis RCBP :
This product is particularly well-suited to the very low pressures encountered in agricultural irrigation systems, breeding units and laboratories.

Type 5 SP (Securo) :
This unit provides protection for isolated boiler or water-fountain units.

Why choose our products?

• Unparalleled longevity: Thanks to its robust design, the quality of the materials used (bronze tank, stainless steel base, etc.) and the ultra-thick (3.2mm) double webbing in food-safe nitrile.

• No maintenance necessary: Unaffected by lime scale and water impurities thanks to the direct action technology, these products don't need a filter.

• A real pressure regulator more than just a pressure reducer, this helps regulate pressure for optimum installation protection and control of your water consumption.

• Reliably stable downstream pressure, even when the upstream pressure varies.

• Very low load loss (Kv): guarantees a high flow rate with a stable output pressure.

• A 5-year guarantee for the type 11 reducer.

Did you know?

Thanks to their membrane technology, Desbordes pressure reducers can be installed in any configuration (vertical, horizontal, upper, lower), meaning that they can adapt to any site constraint. However, the water flow direction indicated on the body (arrow) must be respected.