Tried and tested fluid control solutions

The SOCLA Company has been a standard bearer in the field of water and moving fluid control since 1951.

SOCLA is also the brand name for a number of our ranges of system protection and regulation products.

Our ranges of backflow preventers and valves are specially designed to protect drinking water pipelines, no matter where they are used, whether domestic, urban, agricultural or industrial.

Additionally, water distribution control is now an essential factor in order to ensure the comfort demanded by consumers, and also to improve energy efficiency within installations. Our ranges of control valves and air controllers are designed to fulfil these new criteria.

Maximum protection for your systems

The wide range of SOCLA products on offer provide full, reliable protection and regulation in all industries concerned by fluid control:

  Backflow preventers
Anti-pollution valves
Check valves
Control valves
Applications Protection for drinking water, heating, air-conditioning, watering systems and more System protection (e.g. EA251 recommended for  installation after the meter) Protection for water systems, pumping, adduction, industry, agriculture, etc. Regulating or controlling pressure, flow or level in an installation (e.g. water towers, irrigation, etc.)
Range BA, CAa type EA, EB, EC and ED type Single or double swing, membrane, ball, axially adjusted, filter base valves Upstream, downstream, differential, altimetric, flow control, electrically operated stabilisation valves, etc.
Connections DN 15 to 250 DN 15 to 250 mm DN 25 to 600 mm DN 40 to 300 mm
Certification NF, ACS, Bureau Veritas, KIWA UK ReG.4, VA, Uni, Belgaqua NF, ACS, Kiwa, Bureau Veritas, Belgaqua, VA Bureau Veritas, ACS ACS, WRAS

These classic SOCLA products can also be enhanced by a number of other associated products and accessories:

Suction cups:
to remove air from installations

Surge suppressor valves:
to protect installations from surges

Mesh filters:
to protect pipe fittings in the installation (mandatory upstream from SOCLA backflow preventers)

Water meters:
divisionary (user) meters and 1st input meters (pavilions, housing blocks, industries, etc.)

Measurement and regulation accessories:
manometers, purges, electric valves, air injectors

Why choose our products?

• Cutting edge backflow preventers Thanks to their unique technological design, our backflow preventers (including the famous BA2860) are now the number one on the market. SOCLA also offers the CRAN (annual replacement contract) service in order to fulfil the annual checks and tests required by the regulations.

• Anti-pollution NF valves (e.g. EA251), with seal control systems for the valve and for installation drainage.

• An unparalleled range of backflow preventers A wide range of products which can stand up to any situation, and which use a variety of different technologies to adapt to all sorts of site constraints (pressure, seal, load loss, fluid type, etc.).

• A number of fully recognised certifications NF, ACS, Veritas, WRAS, Kiwa, VA, Uni, Belgaqua

• 5 year product guarantee

Did you know?

The name SOCLA comers from a shortened form of the company name “Société des Clapets” (Valve Company), founded in 1951 in Chalon sur Saône.  Since then, the SOCLA brand has become famous around the world within the water industry.