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Butterfly valves - SOCLA Pneumatic actuator

SOCLA Pneumatic actuator
Description :
  • General features :
    Pneumatic actuations by a adjustable travel stop device
    Operating temperature from -20░C and +80░C
    Torques from 20 up to 3510 Nm
    Air supply 2,5 to 8 bar (in standard, air supply 6 bar) On request, air supply < 6 bar
    Mechanical stops enabling of opening or closing to +5░ to -5░
    Dry or lubricated air supply
    ATEX 2II DG c
    Flanges in accordance with EN ISO 5211, VDI/VDE 3845
    Visual position indicator
    In standard, NF single acting version (NO on request)
    120˚ - 180˚ rotating angle
    Adjustment : 100% travel stop
    Open clockwise
    Other materials :
    Body / caps : PFA coating 40μm Chemical nickel 18μm
    O-ring : Viton« / Silicon
    Piston : Stainless steel