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Butterfly valves - IP68 manual gear box in cast iron GG25

IP68 manual gear box in cast iron GG25
Description :
  • longlife lubricated and waterproof and motorisable, for use underground - For EPDM liner, fluid liquid
DN Aluminium BFC
mechanical - Ref.
125 to 150149G RD17425.2
200149G RD18006.2
25 to 100149G RD17435.2
250149G RD22966.2
300149G RD171910.0
350-400149G RD180113.0
450149G RD229713.0
500149G RD180216.5
600149G RD196828.0
700149G RD260243.0
800149G RD260954.0
900-1000-1200149G RD180585.0