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Butterfly valves - Manual gear box

Manual gear box
Description :
  • Manual gear box, longlife lubrificated, actuated by a wheel - For EPDM liner, liquid fluid.
Type DN A B C D E Ref. Kg
232 05/PS125 to 100534812012543149G RD22211,100
232 05/PS1125 to 150534812012543149G RD22231,100
232 08/PS2200675619720050149G RD22242,600
232 08/PS2250675619720050149G RD22252,600
232 11/PS2300797923925060149G RD22265,000
232 11/PS2350797923925060149G RD22275,000
AB550N/SG4400888330240071149G RD25318,500
AB550N/SG4450888340840071149G RD225312,00
AB880N/SG45008310131240086149G RD193915,00
AB1250N/SG600102110346500105149G RD238026,00
AB1950N/SG700126143487600130149G RD251040,00
AB1950N/SP800126143447500130149G RD254150,00
AB6800N/SP900-1000-1200160170500600263149G RD202680,00