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Other products - WZB2

*(EPDM version)

indirect action normally open
Description :
  • Membrane solenoid valve, indirect action θ max 100C (pilot) normally open. 2 ways. Brass body.
  • Brass and stainless steel inner system.
  • EPDM membrane (-30C +100C). Operating pressure : please consult us
  • FKM membrane (0C +100C). Operating pressure : please consult us
  • Protection : IP 65 with connection
3/812149B 6720149B 6727149B 67341
1/215149B 6721149B 6728149B 67351
3/420149B 6722149B 6729149B 67361
125149B 6723149B 6730149B 67371
11/432149B 6724149B 6731149B 67381
11/240149B 6725149B 6732149B 67391
250149B 6726149B 6733149B 67401
3/812149B 6720V149B 6727V149B 6734V1
1/215149B 6721V149B 6728V149B 6735V1
3/420149B 6722V149B 6729V149B 6736V1
125149B 6723V149B 6730V149B 6737V1
11/432149B 6724V149B 6731V149B 6738V1
11/240149B 6725V149B 6732V149B 6739V1
250149B 6726V149B 6733V149B 6740V1